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Cammy [H. Spiral Arrow]: Specifically, the first part of the move is active for 7 frames, and the second part is active for 12 frames, for a total of 19 frames. Fei Long [Rekkaken]: For the light, medium, and heavy iterations of this move, we have adjusted the block stun for the second Rekka hit. Specifically, for a blocked second Rekka, Fei Long now receives: Adding to this, we have shortened the amount of guard push, so Fei Long's who decide to go for the second Rekka should be more careful of receiving a counter attack now.

Finally, for the first and second hits of the light and medium versions, chip damage has been reduced by about half. Damage has been adjusted, Light: Also, we have adjusted all versions of the move so that cross up cases are reduced. Therefore some of his combos will no longer work.

Damage has been reduced from 65 to Damage increased from 60 to Sakura We have addressed a lot of problems people had with her [EX Shunpukyaku]. Specifically, when performing the [cr. Damage has been buffed, resulting in Level 1: Rose [Soul Spark]: Changed the amount of Super Combo gauge the moves builds from 20 to Start up reduced from 7 frames to 5 frames. Has had its properties changed to almost what they were in Vanilla SF4. Recovery has been shortened by 4 frames, the hit box has been moved more to the front, and the hittable area has been reduced.

MP] combos are now possible. We have fixed a glitch were only Rose would receive counter hit damage when trading hits with an opponent. Gen [Crane Style cr. Changed counter damage multiplication to be the same as the normal 1. Lengthened active frames to 5. When the final hit lands, opponent is unable to quick stand, leading to more oki-zeme opportunities.

Properties have changed drastically. Also for all strengths of [Jyasen], whether the attack right before the final part hits or is blocked, the opponent recovery has been increased by 4 frames. The start up of this Ultra Combo has been reduced from 9 frames to 7 frames. Dan [close HK]: Push back from a hit has been greatly reduced. If you hit from a very close range, you will be able to follow up with another close range attack. Start up changed to 5 frames.

Start up changed to 10 frames. Also if the [close MP] is a counter hit, you can now follow up with a [cr. HK] into a guaranteed knockdown. We have relaxed the height restrictments on this move, which now lets players perform the move from the 7th frame and onwards of a jump. Airborne Dankukyaku]: We have fixed a glitch where not all the hits would land against specific characters, when used up close. However if you use the move a little too far from the opponent, not all the hits will land, just as before.

T-Hawk [cr. Thus, if the opponent guards the first part but then tries to jump out, they will get hit by the second part of the move. Also, during execution of this move, T-Hawk's head is now invulnerable to projectiles. One example is that now Sagat's [Tiger Shot] will pass through his head without doing damage. Can now be executed from a vertical jump. It is now only -2 frames of disadvantage on hit, which makes it better than before. Tomahawk Buster]: Move is invulnerable to throws from start up to the time he is off the ground.

We have changed the simplified command movement and made it easier to execute than before. Dee Jay [far MP]: Hit box size has been enlarged towards the front, now allowing him to cancel into a super move, similar to Ryu. As it does 90 damage, sometimes players might want to trade hits in order to setup something bigger.

Removed a property from the move that left Dee Jay in a counter hit state even after move execution. Damage has been increased, Light: We have fixed a problem for the medium version where often times the 2nd hit would whiff after the 1st hit. The cancel timing is right before the last hit of [Sobat Carnival], so if you can input the Ultra command in time you can cancel into the Ultra.

Guy [Vertical j. Increased size of the square hit box. MP] and [Diagonal j. Increased the size of the square hit box, and the hittable area. For the most part it will be easier to hit opponents beneath you now after these modifications. Normal throws [Grab Throw] and [Shoulder Throw]: Throw range has been increased to be about the same as Ryu. So it will be easier to throw using Guy now.

Can now be executed by holding down forward or down back and MP as well. Now it can be executed more swiftly than before. Regarding all versions of the move including EX , Guy's landing stun has been removed when the attack doesn't come out. This way you can choose to land right in front of the opponent to go for a normal throw, or try to bait out an attack to go for a counter.

We have adjusted properties of the move which make it easier to hit opponents in various situations now. It no longer will easily whiff versus opponents who jump in, or specific characters who have a low crouch. Changed the move so that it won't fly over opponents who are crouched in close proximity.

Lastly, his retreat speed has been sped up, which makes it easier to control distance with the opponent. Cody First off, his walk speed forward and backwards has been increased. Hit and block properties have been revised. You can also use this move while holding a knife. If you hit a standing opponent, you can now do the combo, [cr. Ruffian Kick]. Changed to a 2 hit move and is now Super Cancelable. Ruffian Kick]: The EX version now pushes the opponent a bit further away on the first hit.

With regards to knife attacks, [Pick up Knife]: If you move the lever to the correct guard position during the animation, you will now be able to cancel into block immediately. MP Knife ]: Active frames have been changed to 4, and the hittable area around his arm has been reduced.

HP Knife ]: Startup has been changed to 7 frames, and is now a better anti-air move. Trajectory of the move has been adjusted so that it hits crouching opponents easier. The move should be more useful from now. Including the target combo version, the move startup has been changed from 26 to 25 frames. On the way up, the move is now invulnerable to throws until she is in an airborne state.

We've also modified the hittable area so that from initial startup until the 12th frame it is easier to dodge low attacks coming from the opponents. You can also super cancel from an early time during the move. This way you can fake a normal right in your opponent's face and then go for [Kasumi Suzaku].

The non-animation bullet version of the move will now do full hits to an airborne opponent. Opponents who chose to back-dash to escape the throw animation version of the Ultra will also take full hits from the bullet. All hits before the final locked animation sequence will connect on an airborne opponent. An example would be, if you connect with [Focus Attack Level 2] and follow up with [Hashinsho] while they are in the air, all the hits up until the locked animation will land. Makoto Health has been reduced from to Throw range has been changed to be the same as the light version of the move.

Hit box has been enlarged downwards. The [MK] portion is now cancelable like the normal move. Now lasts 3 seconds longer than before. Hit box and hittable area has been enlarged forward. Charge ability of this move has been improved. Light version of the move at Level 3 and 4, and Medium version of the move at Level 4 have had their attack distance increased. If the opponent guards any a Level 4 charge at any strength, Makoto is at -2 frames disadvantage.

Makoto will say something when she is charged to Level 5 to let you know when it's good to go. Dudley [HK]: So now if you counter hit with [HK] and cancel into [L. Active frames and hit box has been increased. Startup changed to 6 frames, and active frames and hit box has been increased. Active frames have been lengthened. So Dudley will be at -3 frames after canceling into a forward dash after a blocked Focus Attack. Medium and Heavy versions of the move have had the lower body hittable area shrunk, and also made easier to connect against a crouching opponent.

All strengths of the move including EX will no longer lose easily when trying to hit an airborne opponent, and a hit opponent cannot tech roll afterwards. For the EX version, the light flash and sound follow a bit later after the move comes out.

Similar to Ibuki, if you connect with [Focus Attack Level 2] and follow up with [Rolling Thunder] while they are in the air, all the hits up until the locked animation will land. Adon [close MP]: Move is now -4 frames disadvantage on block. Modified the hit box so that it will connect against low posture opponents as well. First hit of Light, Medium , and Heavy versions push the opponent away slightly further than before, and we have made it harder for Adon to end up facing the wrong way after an FADC follow up.

Thus now it is possible to follow up with [Jaguar Avalanche]. Changed the move so that it won't fly over opponents who are in close proximity. It will still go right over crouching opponents, but if they are standing it will be a clean hit. Hakan Now starts in an oil state.

Hit box size and position has been changed. Active frames have been changed to 8. Active frames have been changed to 4. Changed to a 2 hit move. To make it a little less vunerable, the hittable area during the start of hit detection has been decreased. When executed from a dash in an oiled state, he will slide. You can slide from either a forward or backwards dash. Stun calculation has been changed.

A slide after an [Oil Shower] will do points of stun, but a slide that hits with the [Body Press] follow up will do stun all together. Try to make the most of chances to stun the opponent. Trajectory and attack reach has been changed, Heavy and EX versions have been powered up. Medium and Heavy versions will now fly over a low opponent who is in very close proximity.

Light ver. Throw hit box of all versions of the move including EX have been enlarged downwards, making it easier to connect on low posture characters. Throw priority has been increased. Startup of Light and Medium versions has been lessened. Juri [Feng Shui Engine]: Speed has been increased for her forward dash during this state. Therefore she can control space much better. Managing your Super Combo meter will now let you go for more hits during this state. Hit box of the 2nd hit has been enlarged so that it doesn't whiff after the 1st hit connects.

Part where she kicks upwards has had its damage increased to First hit of Light ver. Second hit of EX ver. EX ver. Can now change the trajectory of the EX ver. All 3 strengths pushed together also give the trajectory until now. Yun [Target Combo 2]: Damage changed to If 2nd hit is blocked, Yun gets -6 frame disadvantage. December 16, January 25, June 30, June 28, June 24, Main article: Ultra Street Fighter IV. Archived from the original on Retrieved Street Fighter IV".

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